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Cloud based CRM system for rapid Life Insurance price quotation and comparison. 4C CRM system software will use in-house only with 200 advisors, multiple user roles (admin, super admin, call centre, line manager, advisor).  

UX related tasks

• Conduct user research, qualitative and quantitative interviews, behavioural tests, moderated and unmoderated tests
• Face to face user interviews, online surveys, logical testings
• Define information architecture, user journeys and interaction design, card sorting
• Mind & site mapping, brainstorming, workshops and presentations
• Wireframing using MockFlow, Axure RP8 and Balsamiq
• Prototyping (low and high fidelity) using Axure RP8, Adobe XD
• UI design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch
• Create full design/css specs
• Usability testing sessions, A/B testing, mobile interaction testing

Business analytics related tasks

• Product development from the early concept phase
• Requirement gathering and management, recommendations
• Create functional requirement documents
• Deliver and manage business model (UML) and road map
• Manage documentation trough the development lifecycle
• Create customer and user journey, personas and scenarios
• Create and manage user stories
• Agile/Scrum analysis, sprint planning, reviews trough Jira/Confluence
• UX/CX insights and analysis, translate insights into action
• Acting as Agile/Scrum Master and Product Owner

Softwares & Tools

• Mockflow, Balsamiq and Axure – rapid and interactive wireframing
• InVision, Adobe XD, Axure for lo/hi fidelity prototyping
• Adobe CC/CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) – UI and visual design
• TextMate, Coda, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver – hand coding HTML, CSS, PHP
• XMind & Axure RP – process flows charts, information architecture and prototyping
• XTensio – scenarios and personas
• ElementsCloud – system mapping and business modelling, documentation, collaboration
• Visual Paradigm – system modelling
• ActiveCollab and Asana – project and task management
• UX, Usability testing, analysis – Usabilla, Userzoom, Usabilityhub
• Other tools – MOZ, Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, Google Docs, MS Office, Webmaster tools

Team & Technology

Software developers (14), tech leads (2), dev-op admin, software testers (3), project manager, product owner

Development environment & project management: Agile/Scrum/Jira

Technology: Laravel PHP, React/Native, Vue.js, HTML5/CSS3,

Deployment, automation and microservices: Kubernetes, Docker

Status & Links

Status: under development

Prototype: Click here

CSS Guide: Click here

Keywords: CRM, SaaS (software), PaaS (portal), IaaS (infrastructure)

4C - Price comparator page
4C - Price comparator page - CSS Guide
4C - Price comparator page - Wireframe
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