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Jet2 – Pocket City

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Jet2 Airlines, Jet2 Holidays




Design, UI, UX


Rapid private medical insurance price quotation and comparison, conditional fact finder questionnaire (medical and health history) for iOS and Android tablets . The 4C IFA App will use Usay’s thousands of independent financial advisors for presentation and quotation.

UX related tasks

• Conduct user research, qualitative and quantitative interviews, behavioural tests
• Online surveys and analysis (1000+ participants, Jet2 users and clients)
• Persona and user analysis, user modelling
• Mind & site mapping, brainstorming
• Interactive and detailed wireframe
• High fidelity UI design variations using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Business analytics related tasks

• Requirement gathering, business stakeholder meetings
• Scope document and presentations
• Functional requirement documents
• Market and competitor analysis, support marketing analyst
• Create business and development strategy

Team & Technology

Marketing team (6), executives (2) development team (6), product owner, business stakeholders

Development environment & project management: Agile/Waterfall

Status & Links

Status: never fully developed and released, only the concept, UX/UI phase has been finished.

Prototype: Click here

CSS Guide: Click here

Jet2 Airline's Pocket City - Mobile design
Jet2 Airline's Pocket City - Mobile design
Jet2 Airline's Pocket City - Mobile design
Jet2 Airline's Pocket City - Map and CD
Jet2 Airline's Pocket City - Interactive UI (for web and digital kiosks)
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