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About me

I am a User Experience (UX/UI) designer, consultant, strategist, business analyst and creative problem-solver.   What are my specialities and day to day duties? It would be a long list…
As UX and UI designer, I am doing usability testing and user research, face to face interviews, defining information architecture, user journeys and interaction design, develop wireframes and prototypes, concept development, providing functional requirement documents, create full design/css specs, Agile/Scrum analysis, sprint planning, reviews, gathering requirements, user stories, Jira management, working collaboratively with business stakeholders, dev-ops, development team leaders and product owners, working within the development team.
As business analyst i am gathering requirements and analyse business needs, solving problems, define development strategy, identify development risks, design and manage complex business model and business, liaise and report to business stakeholders, deliver Agile/Scrum analysis, sprint planning, reviews, user stories, trough Jira.
I am currently working at Usay Compare. I am hired as UX/UI designer and business analyst to help rebuild of an in-house legacy CRM system, and develop Usay’s brand new cloud based CRM systems for rapid Life Insurance (4C) and Private Medical Insurance (4C+) price quotation and comparison. 4C CRM softwares will use in-house with 200 advisers, multiple user roles (admin, super admin, call centre, line manager, adviser). I am also playing key role to develop Usay’s 4C IFA platform app for iOS and Android for insurance price quotation and comparison, conditional fact finder questionnaire (medical and health history). The 4C IFA App will use thousands of independent financial advisers for presentation, quotation and price comparison.
I am working with highly talented software developers (14), tech leads (3), dev-op admins (2), software testers (2), project managers, product owners.
Development environment & project management: Agile/Scrum/Jira
Technology: Laravel PHP, React/Native, Vue.js, HTML5/CSS3
Deployment, automation and microservices: Kubernetes, Docker
Over the years I have led projects and teams that have worked together to design mobile, web and software products.  I am a good motivator and idea generator with creative flair, who helps bring your ideas into the life.   Contact me and I’ll help yours!
My team

We’ve a dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to manage a multitude of tasks ranging in complexity and size.

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Robert Kiss

UX & UI Lead, Business analyst

Monika Kiss

Junior UX designer, researcher
01 – Brainstorming & Concept
02 – Journey & Wireframe
03 – Prototype & UI